Braids and wedding hairstyles

wedding braided hairstyle and smoky bridal makeup by Pam Wrigley London Surrey

braids and wedding Hairstyles

Braids and wedding hairstyles go hand in hand,

Whatever the hair length, braids make a fabulous addition to lots of wedding day hairstyles.

Braids and wedding hairstyles are the perfect fit.

Partly because braids can be created in any hair length and in any hair type. So whether your hair is straight or curly, long or short, there’ll be a braid that’s right for you.

Wedding hairstyles with braids

And what’s more, because braids add depth and volume, they also work beautifully in fine hair.

The beautiful wedding hairstyle in this photo by Gemma Chase shows a bridal hairstyle that incorporates braids and hair extensions.

Braids never seem to go out of fashion they just evolve. And they are just as popular now as they were 10 years ago!

It all seems like a long time ago now. . but if you were one of those brides whose plans were disrupted by the pandemic, you would’ve had to change so many things! However, if you had planned to have a braided hairstyle for your wedding but your plans were disrupted, one thing that didn’t need to change would’ve been your hairstyle!

braids and wedding hairstyles for Afro hair
braids and wedding hairstyles for afro hair

Braids and wedding hairstyles for Afro Hair

Perhaps the most versatile hair type when it comes to creating beautiful bridal hair styles with braids is Afro hair. And around the world, people have been creating beautiful braided hairstyles in this versatile hair type for centuries. Not just braided hairstyles for weddings and special occasions, but braids for every day!

Afro hairstyles created using braids take time and skill. And the braided hairstyles would be created in advance of the wedding day. Both of my daughters have Afro hair. And although I didn’t personally create these beautiful braids in their hair – I know a lady who is amazing. Just get in touch if you’d like her details!

If you’ve ever fancied your hand at learning how to create braided wedding hairstyles for Afro hair – why not have a look at the wide range of braiding tutorials by Create Beautiful Hair. You’ll be able to learn how to create braids on all hair types.

braids & wedding hairstyles bridal hairstyle hair up beachy waves braids wedding pam wrigley

Half-up Wedding hairstyles and Braids

Introducing the half-up wedding hairstyle.

There is no limit to the variations of this all-time wedding classic.

Whether you opt to keep your hair straight or opt for soft curls, braids will add just that little bit extra.

So you’ll be sure to look totally gorgeous, yet still have that “I haven’t tried too hard’ kinda feel.

braids, wedding hairstyles and beachy waves

The combination of beachy waves with a pull-through braid keeps this wedding day hairstyle looking soft and relaxed. The perfect vibe for a summer wedding.

Brides of any age can carry off a half-up hairstyle and look gorgeous. However, I find my mature brides generally opt for slightly softer twists in the hair rather than braids.

braided hairstyles for flower girls

Every little girl I’ve ever met loves braids.

So, to help keep your flower girls happy and sitting still in the stylist chair, offer them the chance to have a braid or 2.

I have lots of braid tutorials on my YouTube channel, why not take a look!

braids wedding hairstyles and buns bridal Pam Wrigley wedding makeup low bun braids

braids, wedding hairstyles and buns

Braids & wedding hairstyles really are the perfect pairing – for so many different looks.

The bun is another classic wedding hairstyle classic that has a dizzying number of options.

So, whether you opt for a high or low bun, your wedding day hairstyle will be as individual as you are.

The addition of braids into your low bun will give a little bit of extra interest, even in dark hair.

However, a quick note of caution. Braids can easily get lost in dark hair, particularly if the hair is all one solid colour.

Therefore, if you want your braids to be part of the main attraction it would be worth speaking to your hairdresser about having highlights or lowlights put in.

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