Bridal Hair and Wedding makeup trial run Help & Advice

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Bridal Hair and wedding makeup trial run

In this blog you’ll find lot of help & advice for your bridal hair and wedding makeup trial run. The wedding hair and bridal makeup trial is an important part of your wedding day plans.

For many brides, how they feel about their hair and makeup on the wedding day is as important as choosing the wedding dress.

So, to help you get this right first time, I’m going to take you step by step through the wedding hair and bridal makeup trial run.

Your bridal hair and wedding makeup trial run will probably cost less than your actual wedding day hair and makeup. However, the trial run is not cheap and every penny counts.

This blog is packed with help and advice about your wedding hair and makeup trial. So you’ll know what to expect and what you can do to make sure you get the best hair and makeup results on your first trial run.

There are several things to consider when booking your trial run. In this blog you’ll get lots of trial run help and advice. Find out about how long you should allow for your bridal hair and wedding makeup trial run.

Plus you’ll get help and advice on how far in advance of the wedding day it’s best to have your hair and makeup trial.

Other topics covered today include: when should you wash your hair, does my bridesmaid need a trial and should I provide my own makeup and hair accessories. So read on!!

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wedding hair and bridal makeup trial run

How close to the wedding should I have my bridal hair and wedding makeup trial run?

Your bridal hair and wedding makeup trial run is a very important part of the wedding day preparation. Because, on the hair and makeup trial you’ll get the opportunity to perfect and finalise your ideas for your bridal hair and wedding day makeup.

I always recommend to my brides that they finalise their wedding day outfit before they have their trial run.

If this isn’t possible for any reason, I would recommend at least knowing the colour of your dress, if you’re not opting for white or cream. As the colour of your outfit will really affect the final makeup look, particularly your eyeshadow and lipstick colours.

Once you’ve chosen your wedding dress it will be time to start thinking about your bridal hair and wedding makeup trial run! If you haven’t already booked your makeup artist and bridal hairstylist – why not?! Good makeup artists get booked up quickly :)

Hitched is a great resource, if you’re having trouble finding an available wedding makeup artist or bridal hairstylist.

I often get booked more than a year in advance. And once booked, I will pencil in your wedding date, and then we can arrange a trial run for nearer to the wedding.

From experience I’ve learnt that it’s best not to leave the trial until too close to the wedding. Especially if you work during the week and so need a weekend date for your bridal hair and wedding makeup trial run.

You’ll find that your weekend dates running up to the wedding get very busy. And so, should the trial run need to be moved for any reason, it can be very difficult to find alternative weekend dates.

Also, if you’re having a summer wedding it’s very likely that your makeup artist will be very busy on every weekend – so they may not be able to find an alternative date for you.

bridal hair and wedding makeup trial run by Pam Wrigley

Summer or winter? your bridal hair and wedding makeup trial run

Surprisingly, the time of year of your wedding will also influence when it would be best to you have your bridal hair and wedding makeup trial run.

Although, this really only has an impact on your wedding makeup, not bridal hairstyling.

If you are having a winter wedding I would recommend booking your trial in either winter, spring or autumn. Essentially for a winter wedding you want to avoid doing your trial run at the height of summer.

Because a few things can happen if you have your trial on a very hot day – and we do usually get a few of those!

First of all when we are hot and sweaty even a little bit of makeup can feel like a lot. In fact it can easily feel like it’s too much makeup!

And secondly, when you’re hot it’s hard to imagine what your makeup will look and feel like on a cold day.

Whereas, it is much easier the other way around.

So, on a cold winters day it is still warm in our houses. And we can easily imagine how we will look and feel on a summers day.

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Planning ahead for your bridal trial run

For the reasons detailed above my summer brides often have their bridal hair and wedding makeup trial run in the winter months.

You’ll find that your chosen makeup artist will have far more weekend dates available in the winter months. So you will be able to get a date that suits you more easily. And what’s more, you will also be able to tick something off your very long wedding to-do list!

Wedding makeup isn’t about just looking good on camera. Your wedding day makeup will also need to look good face to face.

Plus your bridal makeup will need to look good in day light, not just in artificial lighting conditions. So from natural lighting to artificial lighting.

And it is precisely because your makeup needs to see you through from day to evening, that I always prefer doing the trial run in natural light.

We’ve all seen people who look like they’ve put their makeup on in the dark – or more than likely just in the wrong lighting. And the result is never pretty when seen in natural light.

For this reason, I always recommend my brides have their wedding makeup trial during the day, rather than in the evening. This will mean that you will be able to see your makeup properly in natural light.

And what’s more, I’ll be able to get a perfect colour match for you. And so be able to create a perfect hair and makeup look on your wedding day.

naturally curly wedding hair style and bridal makeup by Pam Wrigley

Hair Prep for your Bridal trial run

Every wedding hairstylist is different, and we’ve all developed techniques that we find work for us.

So don’t be too surprised if you get slightly different advice from each person.

I always recommend that my brides bring any of their favourite products along to the trial run.

It’s always a good idea to get a few images together of hair/makeup looks that you like. And I ask my brides to arrive with clean, dry hair.

You can either wash your hair the day before, or if your hair gets greasy easily you can wash it on the morning of the trial. However, I do ask my brides not to use any leave-in products, deep conditioners or serum. As ithey can make the hair very soft and slippery. And so make the hair hard to style.

However, for my curly haired brides, who want to use their natural curls on their wedding day, I usually request a photo of their hair in advance.

That way I can advise them of the best thing to do in advance of the trial run. Whether that’s arriving with their hair in bed plaits, just washed or washed and dried.

same sex couple wedding makeup and hair by Pam Wrigley

How long will my Bridal hair and Wedding makeup trial run take?

I recommend allowing 3-4 hours for the bridal hair and wedding makeup trial run.

This will give us plenty of time to try different ideas.

It might seem like a long time, but time really does fly by when you’re having fun. And your trial run is exactly that. We’ll be trying different ideas for both your hair and makeup.

And because hair and makeup has a profound effect how we feel about ourselves, it’s important that I get to know a little bit about you and how you would like to look on your wedding day.

No time limit – bridal hair & wedding makeup trial run

There is no time limit for the trial, so if you do need a bit more time it’s not a problem.

During the bridal hair and wedding makeup trial run, we’ll discover a wedding makeup look and hairstyle tailor-made for you.

The majority of my brides wear white or ivory dresses, not a colour we’re used to wearing every day, so you may need a hint more makeup than you would normally wear, just to make sure that you don’t get lost.

After all, we want the attention to be on you and not just on your dress.

natural wedding makeup and bridal hair for mature brides by Pam Wrigley

Top tips for your bridal hair and wedding makeup trial run

When getting ready for your bridal hair and wedding makeup trial run it’s a good idea to think about how your clothes will affect your hair makeup.

If you are planning to wear white on the wedding day, it’s probably a good idea to wear something white for the trial run too. Perhaps a white t-shirt, vest top or blouse. This is because makeup can look different depending on the colours we wear.

For example, if you’re wearing a strong colour for your trial run – it can effect your choice of blush, your choice of lipstick, and even the colour of your eyeshadow.

Don’t worry if you forget, I always have a couple of white towels handy, so we can cover up a bright pink jumper!

Avoid chunky polo necks too – unless you’re planning on wearing one on the big day. As they can be hot, and can get in the way of both hairstyling and makeup.

wedding makeup and bridal hairstyles natural curls by Pam Wrigley

Wedding day final hair and makeup look

During the bridal hair and wedding makeup trial run, I’ll try different looks for both hair and makeup. And in this way together we’ll discover a wedding makeup look and hairstyle tailor-made for you.

There is no one size fits all when it comes to wedding day makeup and bridal hairstyling. So, this means the trial run will be an opportunity to try different ideas.

So for example, you will probably end up with different colours and different styles of eyeshadow on each eye. And the same goes for eyeliner and blusher application. And also for hair styling.

This will enable me, as your bridal makeup artist and hairstylist, to work out exactly what’s going to be perfect for your big day.

This does, however, mean you will probably not end up with perfectly photo ready hair and makeup at the end of the trial run.

But, we will have a plan for the wedding day!

You can bring along your hair accessories and jewellery, if you’d like to see how everything looks together. But this is by no means essential as I have lots of accessories and even a couple of veils that you can try on for size.

Bridesmaids hair & wedding Makeup trial run

Members of the bridal party don’t normally have a trial run. However, they can have one if they have any particular worries about their hair or makeup.

The cost for a bridesmaid or mother of the bride trial is the same as the bridal trial run.

Bridal Hair & Wedding Makeup Trial

Both Makeup & Hair £150

Just hair or just makeup £125

After your bridal hair and wedding makeup trial run you’ll be happy and confident about your wedding day hair and makeup. And it usually follows that the bridesmaids will then be a bit more relaxed about their wedding day hair and makeup look too.

If any of your bridal party would like to have a trial run just ask them to get in touch. And we can either have a chat about their hair and makeup – advice is free! Alternatively, we can book in a date for a trial run.

Moral support!

Most of my brides come alone for their bridal hair and wedding makeup trial run. But if you feel you’d like a second opinion, or perhaps a bit of moral support , please feel free to bring along a friend, or perhaps your mum.

The trial run takes place at my home in Chiswick, London W4 and I’m very easy to find. Located close to the district line, both Gunnersbury and Chiswick Park stations are around 5 minutes walk away.

And, if you’re driving I am literally 2 minutes off the M4, and there is paid for parking on my street. And free parking at the weekends.

I hope you’ve found this blog all about your bridal hair and wedding makeup trial run helpful. Just get in touch if you have any questions.

I look forward to meeting you for your bridal hair and wedding makeup trial run!

If you’re not sure about what to do with your hair or you’re worried about how what makeup would look best. . .

Just drop me a line – advice comes free!


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