Bridal Hairstyles for fine hair

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bridal hairstyles for fine hair

Where fine hair is concerned, whatever your hair length, doing a Google search for bridal hairstyles can be a bit disheartening.

This is because lots of bridal hairstyles seem to have been created on models with seemingly long hair – and lots of it!

But don’t despair, a lot of the bridal hairstyles on Instagram have been created with the help of extensions.

Bridal hairstyle smoke & mirrors

Hair extensions are used extensively (excuse the pun) in lots of bridal hairstyle images out there.

But, although they can look great, they are by no means essential.

A lot of my brides, whether they have fine hair or not, prefer not to use extensions in their bridal and wedding day hairstyles.

This isn’t a problem at all, as with the right bridal hairstyle know-how, some of the most beautiful bridal hairstyles can be created with fine hair.

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beautiful bridal hairstyles for fine hair

By using the right hair prep your bridal hairstylist will be able to work with your fine hair.

And they’ll make it appear fuller and thicker.

So it will be perfect for creating a wide range of bridal and wedding day hairstyles for fine hair.

It’s best to allow plenty of time for your hair trial and what’s more, your hair will need to be squeaky clean.

This is because fine hair has a tendency to get greasy easily. And if there is one thing that can make fine hair look even thinner it’s a layer of grease.

hair products for fine hair

If you are a DIY bride, it’s important that you don’t over load your hair with product. And go very sparingly with serums and leave in conditioners.

The problem with these products if that they can over load and weigh down your fine hair.

With the result being hard-to-manage hair and a bridal hairstyle that could’ve been so much better.

If you have fallen into this bridal hairstyling trap, all is not lost.

You can rescue your ailing fine hair with a generous spray of dry shampoo.

The batiste brand has 2 great options, with one for dark and one for fair hair.

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The best bridal hairstyle products for fine hair

With the right hair styling products, you’ll be able to get the best out of your fine hair for your wedding day hairstyle.

Soft, silky, fine hair can be given extra oomph and volume by using a texturising product such as Fudge Urban Sea Salt Spray.

You’ll be able to get extra volume and texture, which is just what you’ll need to achieve your perfect bridal hairstyle.

taming fine flyaway hair

What’s more, Silhouette Style and Care Lotion works like magic when it comes to taming fine flyaway hair.

It works as a heat protector and a styling lotion. And it works perfectly when you’re creating bridal hairstyles for fine hair.

And what’s more, it is super lightweight so it won’t weigh down fine hair.

Even better, it can double up as a finishing product so you can get an extra shine to your wedding hairstyles.

In short, having fine hair, whether it’s long, short or in between won’t stop you from having a totally beautiful bridal hairstyle!

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If you’re not sure about what to do

with your hair or you’re worried about

what makeup would look best. . .

Just drop me a line – advice comes free!

The top 10 bridal hairstyles for fine hair

I’ve worked as a bridal hairstylist for over 25years, so I’ve worked with all different hair types, from straight to curly, long and short.

And what ever the hair length or curl type – hair can be thick or very fine.

I’ve learnt that when creating bridal hairstyles for fine hair it pays to be patient.

Fine hair – no one size fits all

My favourite go to styles when it comes to creating bridal hairstyles for fine hair would have to start off with the half up half down style.

And there are so many variations that you’ll be spoilt for choice.

To be honest, you could probably find 10 completely different half up wedding hairstyles for fine hair without even trying very hard!

Why not incorporate braids or twist, and if you’re really struggling a few clip in extensions will just give your hair a boost.

If you’d like to keep your hair down – you could opt for soft curls, beachy waves or even Hollywood waves.

Blow-drying fine hair is another option, although I wouldn’t recommend DIY – as you’ll need to really work the hair to get root lift and volume.

Then we have buns – low, high or even side buns. With these classic bridal hairstyles for fine hair you can’t go wrong.

And last but not least the classic Audrey vintage french pleat.

  • Beachy Waves
  • Soft Curls
  • Hollywood Waves
  • Half up with braids
  • Half up with twists
  • Low bun
  • Side bun
  • High bub
  • Blow-dry
  • Audrey Classic French Pleat

bridal hairstyles for fine hair

Browse through the gallery of hairstyles, all created with fine hair and what a fabuloud selection to choose from!

bridal hairstyle for fine hair wedding braided hairstyle natural makeup pam wrigley



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