Buns for your wedding hairstyle

Buns for your wedding hairstyle. LOW, HIGH, TO THE SIDE – BUT ALL GORGEOUS!

Buns are super versatile and gorgeous, which is practically everything you need from your wedding day hairstyle.

Your wedding hairstyle is an integral part of the bridal look on your wedding day. Not only does it have to show your hair off at it’s most beautiful, your wedding hairstyle also has to compliment your dress.

On top of that, your wedding day hairstyle will reflect your personality. And what’s more, it will have to look good all day.

That’s quite a big ask, but thankfully one hairstyle can come to the rescue. Buns are almost unrivalled when it comes to the dizzying variation of style choice available.

So, if buns take your fancy you’re bound to find a bun hairstyle that will be perfect for you.

Have a browse through my gallery of buns.

buns your wedding hairstyle

You’ll find so many images of gorgeous bridal bun hairstyles when you start looking at wedding hairstyles on Instagram, Pinterest and Google.

In fact, there is so much choice when it comes to bridal bun hairstyles, the question is where to begin?

Just search through Instagram on any day and you’ll find hundreds of different styles of bridal bun hairstyles to choose from.

Smooth and sleek, soft and relaxed, high buns, low buns and any one of them would be a fabulous wedding day hairstyle choice.

Get on in touch with me and arrange a trial run. On the trial run you’ll be able to try out different hairstyle ideas. Which means you’ll be able to find a bun hairstyle that works for you.

Incorporate braids & twists into your bridal buns

Opting or braids or twists will help take your bridal bun hair style even more perfect.

And because buns for your wedding hairstyle are super versatile they’re a great choice. And what’s more, buns for your wedding hairstyle can be created in almost any hair length.

So whether you have longshort or even medium length hair your wedding hairstylist will be able to incorporate braids into your bridal bun hairstyle.

timeless bun hairstyles

Because classic bun hairstyles never seem to go out of fashion. And even better they can be created on all different hair lengths, from long to short.

And so, whether you are wearing a vintage dress, or having a themed wedding choosing buns for your wedding hairstyle can be a perfect solution.

You may opt to have your hair down on the wedding day, always a great choice. If this is the case, then you could always consider a bun for your bridesmaids’ wedding hairstyle.

There are several key advantages of buns as a bridal hairstyle. One of them lies in their ability to accentuate your face shape and the neckline of your dress. Whether you choose a sleek chignon or a romantic messy bun, bridal bun hairstyles you’ll look a million dollars! Especially with my knowledge and expertise.

Furthermore, buns can offer fabulous practical benefits for brides throughout the wedding day. When done correctly, they’ll provide a secure and comfortable hairstyle that will be able to withstands the rigours of the day. From the ceremony right through to to the reception. This reliability will mean that you’ll be able to focus on enjoying your wedding day without worrying about your hair at all!


If you’re a bridal hairstylist reading this, or even a DIY bride, take a quick look at my sister company Create Beautiful Hair.

You’ll find in-depth tutorials showing you how to create amazing buns and all manner of wedding day hairstyles, step by step.

We’ll show you everything from how to blow-dry to how to create gorgeous wedding day buns with naturally curly hair.

If you’re not sure about what to do

with your hair or you’re worried about

what makeup would look best. . .

Just drop me a line – advice comes free!

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