Fab feedback and fab photos!

Fab feedback and fab photos from our latest hair styling course! If you needed any encouragement to book a slot for next time, this should do it :)

“Hi Pam,

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly, wow you must be exhausted after delivering the course for 2 days on the run!

I will certainly be signing up for the online training, I find if I don’t try things out and carry things on straight away it’s easy to forget so this will be a great way to ensure I hammer it home!

Thanks again for a great course, your passion for what you do is infectious!

Kind Regards

Claire Lowe”

“Hi Pam,
I didn’t have time to fully complete the survey yesterday as I had to rush off for a train. I just wanted to say what a brilliant experience it was and how much it has already changed my confidence in putting hair up. I have 4 wedding bookings so far this year and my first trial is in the middle of February. I was very nervous as there were still a few bits I felt didn’t look “professional” enough. After what I learnt yesterday I am really looking forward to cracking on with the trial and seeing what happens from there.
I also made a note on the survey about a course I went to in Chesterfield. It was ran by a company called Top Talons. It was a day course in hair up which also included a set of tools you would need (dummy head, hair tong, combs, clips and hairspray) The kit was the main selling point of the course for me. I came away really disappointed and apart from being shown a few basic styles (which were dated and not a patch on what you taught us) we were not properly shown the correct techniques.
My birthday is in February and I have asked for your 1 on 1 make up course J so hopefully I shall be seeing you again soon.
Thanks again.
Natasha Horsman x”

Thank you ladies! It’s so great to hear when people have felt that their time on the course was well spent.
And now for some photos, to give you a good idea of what we get up to…..enjoy!

For more information on courses available, please check our Create Beautiful Hair website or feel free to send any questions via facebook or email and we’ll get right back to you.