Strutting Down the Red Carpet: Oscar-Worthy Hairstyles on your wedding day

vintage wedding makeup and soft low bun bridal hairstyle by Pam Wrigley

Oscar-Worthy Hairstyles on your wedding day

If you’re Dreaming about Oscar worthy hairstyles on your wedding day – read on! And find out which of the various Oscar worthy hairstyle could work for you on your wedding day.

The Oscars – the epitome of glitz, glamour, and the pinnacle of cinematic achievement. As Hollywood’s finest descend upon the red carpet, all eyes are not only on their stunning gowns but also on their hairstyles. From sleek up-dos to cascading curls, the red carpet serves as a runway for showcasing the latest trends in hair fashion.

Certain hairstyles have definitely stood the test of time, earning their place as iconic choices for any red carpet event. For this reason they are all Oscar worthy hairstyles – which would work perfectly on your wedding day.

For the leading ladies gracing the red carpet, classic elegance often takes centre stage. One timeless hairstyle that I absolutely love creating, and which never fails to make a statement is the chic chignon. Perfectly coiled and tucked at the nape of the neck, the chignon exudes sophistication and poise. When this style is soft and relaxed – this style can be brought bang up to date. Whether adorned with delicate accessories or left unembellished for a minimalist look, the chignon effortlessly complements any dress So making it a favourite among Hollywood starlets and beauties alike. And perfect for your wedding day!

For those seeking to channel old Hollywood glamour, the vintage-inspired waves offer a touch of timeless allure. Reminiscent of silver screen sirens from the golden age of cinema, these luxuriant waves cascade effortlessly down the shoulders, exuding an air of romance and sophistication. Paired with a bold red lip and a statement gown, vintage waves add a touch of nostalgia to any red carpet ensemble. I love creating this hairstyle, and it is still as popular as ever. So this Oscar worthy hairstyles a perennial favourite amongst my brides on their wedding day.

natural wedding makeup and hair by Pam Wrigley
natural wedding makeup and relaxed hairstyle

Hairstyles on your wedding day

Of course, no red carpet look would be complete without the iconic Hollywood blowout. Characterised by voluminous waves and sleek, polished finishes, the Hollywood blowout epitomises modern glamour and sophistication. With its glossy sheen and impeccable styling, this quintessential red carpet hairstyle effortlessly commands attention, ensuring that all eyes are firmly fixed on the starlet – or even the bride – gracing the red carpet or walking down the aisle.

Certainly one of the most classic hairstyles you could chose for your wedding day.

For those daring to make a statement, intricate braids offer a contemporary twist on classic red carpet glamour. From intricate fishtail braids to elegantly twisted up-dos, braided hairstyles offer endless versatility and creativity. So creating truly unique and personalised hairstyles for your wedding day.

Whether adorned with delicate flowers or embellished with sparkling jewels, braided hairstyles add an element of whimsy and charm to any ensemble, making them a popular choice among both brides and movie stars 🤩

wedding makeup and bridal hairstyles pony tails style Hollywood waves by Pam Wrigley

hairstyles on your wedding day

your venue, your dress, your face shape

Your wedding day is one of the most significant events of your life, where every detail matters, from the dress to the decorations. Among these details, the hairstyle you choose on your wedding day is key. As it complements your overall look and reflects your personal style. Just like the stars preparing for the Oscars or the Red Carpet, your wedding day calls for a hairstyle that is nothing short of glamorous and unforgettable.

In the realm of bridal hairstyles, there is an abundance of options, ranging from classic up-dos to romantic curls and intricate braids. Just Google ‘hairstyles on your wedding day’ and you’ll be spoilt for choice! However, to achieve an Oscar-worthy look, it’s essential to consider various factors, including your dress, face shape, and wedding theme.

First and foremost, your wedding dress serves as the focal point of your ensemble and should influence your hairstyle choice. For example, if you’re donning a sleek and sophisticated gown, a sleek chignon or a polished bun can complement the elegance of your attire. On the other hand, if your dress features intricate lace or embellishments, a soft, romantic hairstyle with loose curls or a half-up, half-down look can enhance its intricate details.

Moreover, your face shape plays a significant role in determining the most flattering hairstyle. For instance, if you have a round face, opting for hairstyles with height and volume at the crown can elongate your silhouette and create a more balanced appearance. Conversely, if you have an oval face, you have the flexibility to experiment with various hairstyles, from sleek ponytails to cascading waves, as most styles complement your facial proportions.

Furthermore, consider the theme and ambiance of your wedding when selecting hairstyles on your wedding day. If you’re exchanging vows in a grand ballroom adorned with crystal chandeliers, a sophisticated up-do adorned with jewelled hair accessories can exude timeless elegance. Conversely, if you’re hosting a rustic outdoor affair, a whimsical braided hairstyle adorned with fresh flowers can complement the natural surroundings and add a touch of bohemian charm.

wedding makeup and hair by Pam Wrigley

Long Lasting hairstyles on your wedding day

Try different Hairstyles before your wedding day

In addition to considering these factors above, it’s also really important to communicate with your hairstylist and schedule a trial run before the big day. During the trial, experiment with different hairstyles for your wedding day, along with accessories to find the perfect look that aligns with your vision. Be sure to bring along photos for inspiration and be open to your stylist’s suggestions based on your hair type and texture.

When it comes to achieving Oscar-worthy hairstyles on your wedding day, attention to detail is key. Pay close attention to every aspect of your hairstyle, from the texture of your hair to the placement of accessories. For example, if you’re opting for a sleek and polished hairstyle, ensure that your hair is smooth and free of frizz by using high-quality styling products and tools. Likewise, if you’re incorporating accessories such as hairpins or tiaras, strategically place them to enhance your hairstyle without overpowering it.

I’ll be able to help you with your bridal hair accessories on the big day. And don’t worry, I’ll make sure the stay perfectly in place.

Answers to your trial run queries

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BTW there’s also lots of advice on how to prepare for your bridal makeup and wedding hair trial run on my FAQ page.

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Oscar worthy Hairstyles on your wedding day

braids, buns and other Hairstyles on your wedding day

On your wedding day, remember that confidence is the most important accessory you can wear. Regardless of the hairstyle you choose, wear it with grace and confidence, knowing that you look and feel your best. After all, your wedding day is a celebration of love and commitment, and your hairstyle should reflect the joy and excitement of this momentous occasion.

hairstyles on your wedding day – time to choose!

Choosing an Oscar-worthy hairstyle for your wedding day is a decision that requires careful consideration and attention to detail. By taking into account factors such as your dress, face shape, and wedding theme, as well as collaborating with your hairstylist, you can achieve a glamorous and unforgettable look that is worthy of the Red Carpet. So, embrace your inner starlet and prepare to dazzle as you walk down the aisle on your special day.

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