Makeup and Hair For Mother of the Bride

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Makeup and Hair For Mother of the Bride

Makeup and hair for mother of bride is up there as one of your top 10 things to consider. Alongside hair and makeup for the bride, when planning your big day.

Believe it or not all eyes are not just on the bride and so we also need to think about beautiful makeup and hair for the mother of the bride.

It’s a simple fact that, when it comes to first looks, the focus of attention on the wedding day is usually described as follows:

Bride, Mother of the Bride, Groom!

With this in mind, beautiful makeup and hair for the mother of the bride is up near the top of your rather long list of thing to do.

Don’t worry, with the right expertise – and the right makeup and hair – as mother of the bride you can be confident that you look your very best.

makeup and hair for mother of the bride and the groom!

When I talk about hair and makeup for Mother of the bride, I’m also including the Mother of the groom.

So whether you are the bride’s or the groom’s mum, don’t worry, your makeup doesn’t have to be heavy. And your hair doesn’t have to be up!

As mother of the bride you want to feel like the best version of you, and that’s where the right makeup and hair come in.

And as an older wedding makeup artist and bridal hairstylist myself – I’m now in my 60’s – I’ll understand. And I definitely I won’t impose a makeup look on you, or a hairstyle, that you are not 100% comfortable with.

It’s not only our skin that changes as we get older, but also out hair. Our skin begins to loose it’s elasticity and our hair becomes more coarse and dry.

As a result you may need a little bit more TLC to make sure your skin glows and your hair shines so you can be sure to look your very best on your daughters’ wedding day.

In fact, whether you are a mature bride, mother of the bride (MOB) or mother of the groom (MOG) – beautiful wedding day hair and makeup key.

And I’ll be able to help you look your best on this very important, very emotional day.

natural wedding makeup and relaxed hairstyle mother of the bride by Pam Wrigley

Bridal hairstyles for mother of the bride

Whether you’d like a smooth, sleek hairstyle or something more relaxed and tousled, expert help is at hand.

With the right look for both hair and makeup you can be sure that, as mother of the bride, you’ll look great from the beginning of the day right up to the end.

As we age our hair tends to get thinner and can become a bit coarser but in the right hands you’ll be amazed at what can be achieved.

What’s more, your hair doesn’t have to be long to achieve a fabulous wedding up-do. Have a look at my bridal hair style gallery for short hair. This will give you an idea of a few of the wedding day hairstyles I’ve created. However, every mother of the bride is different and each wedding day hairstyle is created specifically with that mum in mind.

So you can be sure you’ll both look and feel a million dollars on your daughter’s big day.

As a more mature lady, whether you are the mother of the bride, mother of the groom, or even a mature bride who’s opted to keep your hair long, you have even more choice when it comes to wedding hairstyles.

Take a look at our blogs on working with long hair – whether your hair is thick or fine – help is at hand.

Mother of the bride hair and makeup bridal hairstyles natural curls and curly hair

Wedding Makeup for Mother of the bride & Mature Brides

The Eyes Have It

The way that eye makeup is applied might be the thing that requires the closest attention to change on mature skin, as anything too heavy or harsh will really accentuate signs of ageing. This is particularly important when it come to considering the makeup you are going to wear as mother of the bride.

Liquid and pencil eyeliners create a line that is way too harsh for mature brides, so instead, I like the add definition with a well blended, dark eyeshadow applied with a small, angled brush, for a soft sultry look that never smudges.

I keep eyelids looking youthful by steering clear of shadows that contain too much glitter and shimmer, instead opting for matte or very light shimmer products.

Eyelashes are usually a little thinner on my mature brides, so it’s really important to use an incredible mascara that creates impressive volume without clumping. I stick to my favourite, Clinique Lash Power Mascara, and finish the look off with a few individual false lashes.

I go easy on the brows, making sure that they are beautifully defined with a brow powder or wax, but never overdone or heavy.  Powders and waxes are easier to control than a pencil – bit if you find pencils easier to use – find one that is not too soft – so you can control the amount of product you’re applying. Once it is on it’s hard to get off and remember less is more!

Apply just enough to create a flattering frame is what I aim for. Try this fabulous one by Morphe.

If you’re not sure about how to have your makeup,

and you’d like to find out which makeup would suit you. . .

Just drop me a line – and book your trial run.

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Bridal Makeup for the Brides Mum

Blushing bride & Mother of the bride!

When it comes to makeup for mother of the bride I usually aim for a subtle, dewy finish.

And I achieve this with a cream blush rather than a powder, which can sometimes look a bit cakey and dry. Just a touch on the apples of your cheeks or along your cheekbones in all you need. There’s so much choice out there – have a browse around at Charlotte Tilbury, Bobby Brown and Clinique – you’ll be spoilt for choice!

Highlighter should be subtle – not harsh. When correctly positioned it should sit on the upper edge of your cheek bones. It can look lovely – but it is dangerously close to the fine laughter lines around our eyes – and too much shimmer here will accentuate those lines and pile on the years – so go easy with the highlighter.

If you’re looking for the right highlighter look no further – Charlotte Tilbury has a beautiful, easy to apply highlighter that I think you’ll love ❤️

Doing your own makeup and hair as mother of the bride is also an option. However, it would be a good idea to test out any new products in advance of the wedding day.

Cosmetics a la Carte do a beautiful range of products tailor made for mature skin. You can order samples on line to try them out, and if you can get to London easily, book a 1-2-1 makeup lesson. So you really know how to create a beautiful mother of the bride makeup look.

What’s more – you can get 10% off if you use this link online or if you just mention my name in the shop!


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