Beautiful Natural Bridal Makeup for South Asian Brides – as well as every one else!

One of my areas of expertise is creating a beautiful natural makeup for South Asian brides. As well as beautiful natural makeup for brides from all round the world. After all we all seem to meet and congregate in here London don’t we?!

As a wedding makeup artist and bridal hair stylist, I work with brides of all different nationalities and all different ages.

However, one of my most requested looks from many of my South Asian Brides is a natural bridal makeup look.

Asian/Indian brides traditionally wear quite heavy makeup. So it can be difficult to find a makeup artist who can achieve that natural ,glowing look for Asian brides. So you look like ‘you’ but totally gorgeous.

Heavy makeup can look beautiful. However, if like many of my Indian and South Asian brides, you are looking for a more natural makeup look on your wedding day, you’ve come to the right place.

South Asian Wedding makeup and natural curls bridal hairstyle by Pam Wrigley

Beautiful Natural Wedding Makeup for South Indian brides

So, whether you are a Pakistani, Bangladeshi or Indian bride, I’m here to help.

Some of my brides of South Asian origin get in touch with me after already having had a trial run with another makeup artist.

Having asked for natural makeup they may come away from their trial feeling disappointed, after being told that they have to have heavy makeup.

I can 100% re-assure you that you can definitely HAVE NATURAL MAKEUP as a South Indian bride. Whatever your choice or dress – or dresses – on your wedding day.

And what’s more, you’ll look and feel totally gorgeous on your wedding day.

Plus you’ll look amazing in your wedding photos.

Natural bridal makeup for South Asian Brides on your wedding day
Natural Bridal Makup

natural makeup looks for Pakistani, Indian & Banglashi Brides

Where ever you’re from in the world, if you’d like a more natural makeup look on your wedding day – you can have it!

Everyone has their own idea of what natural makeup is.

For some brides, a natural makeup look means wearing very little makeup. Whilst for others, it means wearing quite a bit of makeup – but in neutral tones.

Natural wedding makeup could even encompass a slightly smokey eye but a natural base.

That’s where the trial run comes in.

If you’re not sure about how to have your makeup,

and you’d like to find out which makeup would suit you. . .

Just drop me a line – and book your trial run.

Indian Bridal Makeup for  brides who want natural makeup and hair

South Asian Brides Can Have Natural Makeup too!

Bridal Makeup Trial Run

The wedding makeup trial is a very important part of the service.

It’s a chance for me to listen to your ideas for wedding makeup. Try different looks and find out how what makeup looks you feel confortable with.

Hair & makeup help & advice

This way, I’ll be able to find out how you would like to look on your wedding day. Whilst I’ll be able to offer advice and ideas of my own.

You might even be surprised how quickly time flies. I recommend allowing 3-4 hours for the bridal makeup and wedding hair trial.

This will give us plenty of time to try different ideas.

Natural makeup for South Asian Brides – the trial run

During the makeup and hair trial, I’ll try different looks for both hair and makeup. And in this way together we’ll discover a wedding makeup look and hairstyle tailor-made for you.

Calling all South Asian brides!

You can be confident of achieving a beautiful natural makeup

Wedding Makeup and Hair by Pam Wrigley, Award Winning Makeup Artist, Hair stylist and trainer at Create Beautiful Hair.

“The makeup felt light and naturaL”

South Asian and Indian natural Bridal makeup on the wedding day

This thank you message from Dhara, one of my beautiful Indian brides, says it all. . .

A massive thank you

Hi Pam,

I just wanted to drop you a quick message to say a massive thank you for Saturday.

You did such an amazing job. The makeup you did felt light and natural, and despite wearing no make up at all on a daily basis I felt really comfortable with it because I still looked like myself.  I did not think that would be even possible! 

You properly listened and understood what I wanted and the end result was better than I could even have imagined! 

Looking at some photos that friends and family took I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. 

I want to massively thank you for helping me to use my curly hair as it is, and for the glowing, subtle makeup that was just enough to make me feel like a bride! 

Thank you for all your advice throughout the day. You are the expert on all things beauty and I felt like I was in safe hands with you throughout – it allowed me to relax and enjoy the day much more than I would have been able to otherwise. The time we had to change between outfits was short but you were so efficient and it never appeared rushed. I am so thankful I came across your name! 

Please also thank Akua for me, as she did an amazing job on my mum and sister as well! 

Best wishes,


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