Hairstyles for NATURAL curls

Wedding Hair styles for naturally curly hair

There are so many choices out there when it comes to choosing hairstyles for natural curls. Here are just a few of my naturally curly hair brides, each one with a hairstyle that’s right for her.

Some of my brides opt to keep their natural curls whilst others ask me to re-curl their hair with tongs or straighteners. Both options work, it just depends on how you feel about your own natural curl. natural curl TLC.

Natural curls just need a bit of TLC and the right hairstylist. Your hairstylist will be able to bring out the very best in your curls, banish the frizz and create a beautiful hairstyle for your wedding day.

I work as a bridal hairstylist and wedding makeup artist in London and the home counties, so travel throughout Surrey, Kent, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire and Hertfordshire. I also travel to Oxford, Oxfordshire and beyond.

natural curls hair tutorial

But don’t worry if I don’t cover your area because I also teach bridal hairstyles online, with my training school Create Beautiful Hair.

So, even if your chosen stylist is a bit rusty when it comes to creating bridal hairstyles for curly hair, they could always join me and learn bridal hairstyles for curly hair online.

And because we have specific tutorials on working with curly hair, your hairstylist will be able to learn exactly what to do. And, as a result, they will be able to create a perfect wedding day hairstyle for your natural curls.

natural curls DIY

Of course, it’s entirely possible to style your beautiful curly tresses yourself!

After all, you’ve had a life time of practice working with your curls and finding our which products work. So, if you feel brave and confident, then go for it.

Natural curls can be a bit hit and miss, but with fair weather, literally, you’ll be able to recreate the perfect curl. My advice would be to stick to your tried and trusted curly girl hair products.

Your wedding day is not the time to try anything new on your beautiful natural curls!

If you’re not sure about what to do

with your hair or you’re worried about

what makeup would look best. . .

Just drop me a line – advice comes free!