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Smooth Sleek Bridal Hairstyles

Smooth Sleek Bridal Hairstyles always look gorgeous.

It’s a fact, you can be guaranteed to wow when you opt for one of these classic bridal hairstyles.

Smooth sleek styles hairstyles are more often than not up-do’s.

However, if you are lucky enough to have beautiful straight thick hair, your hair will naturally lend its self to one of these smooth styles. Which means your hair will stay looking smooth and sleek whether it is up or down.

If you have fine, wispy hair, a smooth sleek up-do will work beautifully.

However, just be aware if you opt for a hair down style your hair may start to look straggly after a couple of hours. And the lovely smooth sleek style you started off with may disappear.

Read on and find out how to create your own DIY smooth, sleek bridal hairstyles!

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Bridal hairstyles

Smooth and sleek styles encompass a wide variety of different options.

I always suggest brides book their venue and pick their wedding dress, before choosing their wedding hairstyle.

On the wedding day, everything will need to work together seamlessly. And your bridal hairstylist will be able to advise you on which style will work best with your hair type and face shape.

Bearing in mind your overall wedding theme, including the venue, dress and hair accessories.

The trial run is an invaluable part of the bridal hair service, so make sure you book one in advance.

Wedding vintage makeup and bridal hair in a low bun hairstyle for bride. By Pam Wrigley wedding makeup artist and bridal hair stylist, London.

Sleek wedding day hairstyles

One thing is for sure, if you opt for a smooth, sleek wedding day hairstyle it will need to be secure.

So your bridal hairstylist will need to be particularly good at their job.

Actually, they need to be good at hair prep – to make sure the hair is glossy and gorgeous. They will have to create the right foundations so the hairstyle stays up! And they will have to adapt the style to suit your face shape.

Having a smooth sleek style doesn’t mean your hair has to be pulled back tight! Although this can look fabulous when done correctly – see below for step by step instructions.

If you’re not sure about how to have your makeup,

and you’d like to find out which makeup would suit you. . .

Just drop me a line – and book your trial run.

bridesmaid wedding and bridal hairstyles smooth sleek bun by Pam Wrigley

smooth glossy wedding and bridal hairstyles

An ultra smooth sleek bun can be a great DIY option when it comes to bridal hairstyles

So if you’ve decided to do your own bridal hair styling on the wedding day a smooth sleek bun is a great option.

Ideally you’ll have a handy bridesmaid or a friend who can help you out on the big day. I would recommend having a practice in advance, so that you both know exactly what you have to do, step by step. So that on the wedding day you can be certain you’ll to achieve the perfect bridal hairstyle

For extra help and step by step instructions have a look at my Smooth Sleek Bun YouTube Tutorial and find out which product to use.

You’ll also be able to get hair prep help and advice. And when it comes to bridal hairstyles when you get the hair prep right you’re already more than half way there.

wedding and bridal hairstyles low bun for short hair by Pam Wrigley

smooth sleek wedding and bridal hairstyles

Continuing on the DIY theme – you can also get help securing your veil.

As a general rule your wedding hairstylist will secure the veil for you. But if you are having a destination wedding perhaps you haven’t been able to book a hairstylist. Alternatively, you may have just decided to do your own wedding day hair. Well, theres no need to worry, help is at hand.

Have a look at my YouTube video on How To Secure a Bridal Veil.

My YouTube channel is actually aimed at would – be bridal hairstylists. However, it’s a great resource so that anyone looking to create bridal hairstyles. Either as a one off for your own wedding, or if you’ve discovered a new passion for hairstyling and you’re thinking about becoming a bridal hairstylist.

If you’re not sure about how to have your makeup,

and you’d like to find out which makeup would suit you. . .

Just drop me a line – and book your trial run.

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