Natural makeup and low bun hair style for a bride. Created by Pam Wrigley bridal hairstylist and wedding makeup artist, London. Vintage Hairstyles and Wedding Makeup

vintage wedding makeup & Bridal HAIRstyles

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Vintage hairstyles and wedding makeup never seem to go out of fashion!

So, whether you are having a vintage themed party or wedding, or perhaps attending an event somewhere like Goodwood, you need the right makeup to bring your look together.

I don’t know how they do it, but the vintage makeup looks are timeless. And even though, in some cases the wedding dress can give you an idea as to the year someone got married, vintage makeup gives nothing away.

add a touch of Glamour with Vintage hairstyles and wedding makeup

There are some exquisitely beautiful vintage looking hotels scattered around London that seem to have been stuck in a time warp. They haven’t of course.

And although everything about them screams old school glamour, they have all the essential luxuries to make sure that your vintage wedding party is a roaring success.

I’ve worked in some pretty amazing vintage themed venues, one of my favourites is The Town Hall Hotel in Patriot Square. Maybe not vintage to the last detail, but definitely worth a look if you are on the hunt for the perfect venue.

And a very close second is the little known, but totally divine Wellesley Hotel in Knightsbridge.

It’s like stepping back in time, into a little bit of 1920s ’30s or 40’s London, I’m not sure which – but with all the glamour of the Frank Sinatra and the 1950s!

So, what ever the decade of your vintage themed wedding, there is a venue out there that is right for you.

Wedding natural makeup and bridal hair in a vintage hairstyle for a bride. By Pam Wrigley wedding makeup artist and bridal hair stylist, London.

Instagram Vintage hairstyles and wedding makeup

And a makeup artist ready to help you bring your vintage hairstyle and makeup ideas a reality.

I would advise having a trial however, so you can work out just how vintage you would like to go.

And although your wedding day hairstyle will need to work seamlessly with your makeup, you don’t have to go vintage the whole way if you don’t want to.

It is totally possible mix and match, and to wear beautiful vintage makeup with a bang up to the minute textured wedding day hairstyle.

Hollywood vintage hairstyles

Wearing your hair down in a beautiful Hollywood wave will work whatever your age. And what’s more, both young and older brides can definitely carry off this classic vintage hair style.

Wedding vintage makeup and bridal hair in a vintage hairstyle for a bride. By Pam Wrigley wedding makeup artist and bridal hair stylist, London.

Vintage Hairstyles and Wedding Makeup

More often than not, you can pair a divine vintage dress with your beautiful vintage hairstyle and wedding makeup. Aurelia, my beautiful bride here wore a fabulous tea length dress by Candy Anthony.

And we mustn’t forget her fabulous peep toe shoes!

Aurelia’s outfit paired perfectly with her vintage hairstyle and makeup. On the wedding hair and makeup trial run we tried several different looks. Opting for this gorgeous low bun with a bit of height on the crown.

And for the wedding day makeup we went all out vintage, with a bold eye-line and red lip.

The veil is the perfect length to finish off this amazing vintage dress, vintage hairstyle and vintage wedding makeup!

To top it off, on the wedding day she had a fabulous photo taken on The Zebra crossing in Abbey Road – made famous by the Beatles. How much more vintage can you get?!

Vintage Makeup looks & Wedding Hairstyles

Over the 30years I’ve been working as a bridal makeup artist and wedding hairstylist I’ve created lots of vintage hairstyles and wedding makeup looks.

Just have a browse through my vintage hairstyles and vintage wedding makeup gallery below.

There’s such a wide variety, as vintage looks include hair and makeup looks that span the 21st century. From 1920’s finger waves, through the Hollywood waves of the 1950’s. And on though the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.

I hope you enjoy browsing my vintage hairstyles and wedding makeup gallery!

Vintage Hairstyles and Wedding Makeup Gallery


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