Wedding Day Schedule: Bridal Party Prep

Knowing your wedding day schedule is crucial when it comes to making sure that your big day goes off without a hitch and one of the most important areas to get timings right is during the bridal party hair and makeup prep.

Many of my brides are shocked when I suggest how early I should arrive to start getting everyone ready for the important day that lies ahead, but from my 25+ years of experience working in the industry, you can trust me when I say that I know my wedding day schedule timings down to a tee!

There’s so much to factor in during those first few hours of the day and the absolutely last thing you want is to feel rushed or unprepared as you walk down the aisle, so making sure that there is plenty of time allotted in your wedding day schedule to get everything done (and still enjoy it too) is a must.

Wedding Day Schedule: Bridal Party Prep

During our trial run together, I’ll be making notes throughout so that I not only know exactly what we’ll be doing on your wedding day and which products I’ll be using, but also so I can work out just how much time it’s all going to take.

Regardless of whether I’ll just be doing the bride’s hair and makeup, or the whole bridal party (with the help of my talented assistants!), I always like to make sure that I allow plenty of time for everything to get done without any stress at all.

The Bride

As a general rule, I like to allow at least 2 hours to do my bride’s hair and makeup. Although we will already know what look you are going for, I want to make sure that you really enjoy the process and look completely flawless as the end result!

I also factor in time for laughing and chatting, time for eating and sipping champagne and even around half an hour to actually put your dress on (it might seem like a lot, but you’ll need it).

The Bridesmaids

Bridesmaid styles are usually not quite as complex as the bride’s and so for them I write up my wedding day schedule to include an hour per extra person. This is usually plenty of time to have your girls looking amazing!

Mother of the Bride

If mum is getting her hair and makeup done too, I like to estimate slightly longer for this (around and hour and a half).

Flower Girls

It’s not unusual for my brides to decide that they would like a few loose curls put into their flower girl’s hair at the last minute. This doesn’t take too long at all, but it all adds up and so still needs to be included in the wedding day schedule. Around half an hour for each girl.


One thing that is often forgotten about by brides when they’re putting together their wedding day schedule is to allow extra time for photos.

Whilst it’s true that your photographer can get some amazing, candid snaps as you’re getting ready, it’s nice to have some posed portraits with your girls too. Each set up takes around 5 minutes.

This is also factored in the the time allotted for putting your dress on – half and hour may seem like a long time to get dressed when you already know what you’re wearing, but allowing time to really make the most of it and capture shots of your excitement and the emotions from your bridal party when they see you all dressed up for the first time is well worth it.

Whatever the size of your bridal party, I’ll make sure that everything runs smoothly and that your wedding day schedule fits in all the little things that will make the morning of your wedding complete.

One of the perks of hiring a professional bridal hair and makeup artist is that it takes all the stress of getting ready on time off your shoulders – just sit back, relax and enjoying the pampering before you say ‘I do’!


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