Hairstyles for thick heavy hair

When it comes to creating wedding hairstyles for long, thick, hair you need a bridal hairstylist who knows a thing or two.

And this doesn’t only apply if you are planning on having an up-do hairstyle for your wedding day.

However, if you do opt for an updo and your bridal hairstylist isn’t confident working with long, thick, heavy hair, it is definitely more obvious!

Simply because the hairstyle is like to fall down before you even get out of the door.

You might also feel like you have to walk very carefully and not move your head too much. As you can imagine, this is definitely not a good sign!

Soft curls & waves in long thick hair

Some of my brides opt to keep their lovely locks down and flowing on the wedding day, for everyone to see.

Hair prep is key if you have long thick heavy hair and you opt to wear your hair down.

Because in order for your hair to look its very best it will need some TLC.

I’ve found some fabulous products that tame frizz and smooth flyaways such as Silhouette Style & Care Lotion.

This magic lotion will also give a beautiful gloss to the hair.

It’s not all plain sailing if you opt for hair down, the bridal hairstyle skills required are just different.

The skill in in creating a curl or wave that will hold for the day in your thick, long, heavy hair!


If you’re a bridal hairstylist reading this and you’re wondering how to create long-lasting hairstyles on long, thick heavy hair, look no further :)

Bridal hairstylists can learn how to create beautiful hairstyles for all hair types and hair lengths, online with Create Beautiful Hair.

And with specific tutorials on how to create bridal hair styles for long hair, it’s problem solved.

Have a lovely wedding day!