My Expert Tips for Achieving the Perfect Wedding Make-up

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My Expert Tips for Achieving the Perfect Wedding Make-up The last thing you want on your wedding day is wedding make-up that doesn’t make you feel amazing. Whether that’s because it’s not applied as well as it could be or it’s just not the look you were imagining, it’s important that you figure out how to get … Read more

Have The Big Day Your Wedding Guests Really Want…

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Have The Big Day Your Wedding Guests Really Want… It’s all very well and good saying that your big day is for you and your spouse so at the end of the day, all decisions should come down to want you want. To an extent that’s true, however, not every couple wants to throw a … Read more

Choose The Perfect Bridal Hair style for Your Face Shape

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Choose The Perfect Bridal Hair style for Your Face Shape With so much bridal hair style inspiration out there, from Pinterest to Instagram, most of you brides-to-be will have already done extensive research to find a look you love. Whilst getting ideas for you and your bridal hair stylist to work with is great, selecting a bridal … Read more

5 Simple Ways to Look Amazing in Your Wedding Photos

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5 Simple Ways to Look Amazing in Your Wedding Photos There’s no denying that getting your wedding photos right is a pretty huge deal – these are going to be your memories to last a lifetime after all, so you want to make sure that you look your very best. Having your hair and makeup … Read more

Summer Bridal Hairstyles 2016

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Summer Bridal Hairstyles 2016 I Woke Up This Gorgeous Looking ‘made up’ isn’t for everyone – it’s becoming more and more commonplace for brides to want to have a more relaxed, boho feel to their finished hair and makeup look, with a tousled ‘I woke up this gorgeous’ finish, and I have to say, it does look … Read more

Beautiful Bride! Real Brides Hair & Makeup by Pam Wrigley

Natural bridal makeup and braided, bridal half up hairstyles for brides with medium length hair. Plus makeup by wedding makeup artist and bridal hair stylist Pam Wrigley in London

I’m always taking snaps on my phone of my beautiful brides, but I just love it when I get to see the photos from the official photographer! Here are some fabulous images of me at work and the finished result, by the supremely talented Jez Dickson, who captures stunningly candid moments with a timeless air… … Read more

Art Deco Vintage Bridal Hair & Makeup: Bride & Mother of the Bride

vintage bridal hair & makeup by Pam Wrigley in London.

vintage bridal hair & makeup

Vintage bridal hair & makeup is so diverse and never goes out of fashion – there are so many eras with such elegant, classic looks to play with and today’s modern bride can even work with her stylist to take the best bits of her favourite vintage bridal hair & makeup looks and turn it into something truly unique.

Vintage bridal hair & makeup is one of my favourite styles to work with on my clients, it’s so much fun! I adore this 1920s/1930s style wedding dress that one of my brides this year wore. We worked hard on her trial day to find a vintage bridal hair & makeup look that worked for her and made her feel beautiful. We decided upon this gorgeous low bun hairstyle, structured and the back and a little looser at the front for a really romantic edge.

Teamed with a stunning bridal hair accessory and quite natural looking makeup with eyes that pop, this bridal hair & makeup look was absolutely perfect!

From the back of this stunning vintage bridal hair style you can see all of the intricate detail I included to make this look really something special.

This style is a wonderful match for the vintage bridal gown as well, drawing the eye down towards that lovely detail at the back, but adding the the overall effect rather than taking anything away from it.

For the Mother of the Bride, we went for a similarly structured low bun but with just a little less fanciful detail. Again, we have gone for the softer front with a neater back and some height on the crown for added elegance. Check out some more of my low bun hairstyles here!

If you’d like to learn how to do a fabulous 20’s finger wave for your bridal hairstyle, look no further! Follow this tutorial and you’ll be there in no time.

I think that this hair & makeup style is gorgeous. This mother of the bride style would also work just as well for a mature bride and just goes to show that you can look absolutely stunning for your big day, whatever your age

Pam’s Real Summer Brides

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summer brides

beautiful summer brides

It’s been a busy summer, filled with beautiful summer brides, brides maids and mother of the brides. Wedding season is always so much fun!

If you’re other half has popped the question and you’re looking for some hair and makeup inspiration for your big day, have a browse through my hair and makeup galleries to see some of my real brides this summer, who all looked totally gorgeous.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions, or why not book yourself a trial day to try out some of the looks for yourself? You can’t go wrong with a bit of a pampering sash after all!

Brides have a lot of things to think about as their wedding day approaches and having someone there to make sure you look great can go a long way to making sure your day runs smoothly. I love my job and part of the fun for me is making sure my brides are happy and beautiful! Feel free to get in touch to discuss your ideas and options. Each and every one of my brides are as important to me as the last and I just love seeing them smile :)

If you’re looking for summer brides inspiration, have a look at out my work on Instagram.

Get the bridal look: Poppy Delevingne – Beautiful Bridal Hair & Makeup

Wedding natural makeup and bridal hair in a half up hairstyle for a bride. By Pam Wrigley wedding makeup artist and bridal hair stylist, London.

We have taken to the archives again for this week’s bridal look. Back in May 2014 Poppy Delevingne married her long time partner James Cook at St Paul’s Church in Knightsbridge. It was no surprise that the naturally beautiful bride looked stunning, and she chose to wear a custom made Chanel Haute Couture dress.

This style is perfect for those who have gone for a vintage style dress or one that has heavy embellishment, a high neck, or is strapless as these will complement the understated look. It will suit anyone as long as they have enough length to their hair as the wavy style will catch the light giving hair a glossy shine and show off its colour. It will look particularly good on brides with a square or round shape as it will soften your features. Naturally curly hair will hold the shape well, as will fine hair.

How to get the look

Step one:

Wash hair using a volumising shampoo and condition well. Create a good foundation by applying a strong hold mousse and then blow dry using a round brush so that you can generate extra volume and movement.

Step two:

Allow hair to part on your preferred side. Take a curling iron with a medium sized barrel and curl one inch sections, winding hair around the barrel the same way each time until you have curled your whole head.

Step three:

Leave the curls to cool completely before you touch them. Once cool you can then gently brush through your hair so that it forms full waves all the way around your head. Brushing will also cause the tightness in the curls to relax.

Step four:

Mist all over your hair with light hairspray to hold the shape but still allow some movement.

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